Sandy has the unique distinction of having built two-multimillion-dollar Direct Sales Organisations, and her experience gained from this achievement is what sets Sandy apart.

The first business was built in the purist traditional direct selling method, and this business has stood the test of time.

The second Organisation was built in the “now “of the digital and social media era and continues to thrive in the hands of Sandy’s daughter.

In addition to her field achievements Sandy has had a hugely successful career working as a consultant within the Direct Selling industry, both in Australia and internationally.

When you can’t seem to shift your leadership numbers and field retention, Sandy is the person many lean to for a fresh and ‘real’ perspective.

Allow her to help you supercharge your Direct Sales organisation both internally and externally.

Sandy began her business career in her late teens and scooped the prestigious Property Investment Award at the record age of 27.

Today she has amassed more direct selling and management experience than most have in their lifetime.

Sandy is a woman who knows exactly what she wants from life, and how to get it. “I can’t” is a phrase you’ll never hear her say. Her positive outlook and determination to excel in everything she does is the secret behind a string of phenomenal successes.

From relocating to the U.S.A. developing overseas markets with a young family in tow, to reaching her first million-dollar sales in her early twenties. Businesses have flourished under her guidance, and she’s as confident in a room full of sales agents as addressing a boardroom of business executives.

But what’s truly surprising is her fresh approach to business. You won’t get stuffy corporate presentations and a ‘one size fits all’ strategy from Sandy. Instead, watch her breathe life into common company situations, draw from her experiences on both sides of the field/management fence with honesty and humour, and bring a little popular culture into the coaching process.

You’ll be hard pushed to find someone as experienced, personable, and inspiring as Sandy McDonald to guide your business. Her repertoire includes coaching, presenting, strategic planning, futureproofing, and training one-to-one or with a group, with each client receiving a tailor-made strategy. And who better to advise on the pitfalls, practicalities and opportunities for a company than a lady who’s built her own business from the ground up….. twice.

Career Highlights


Speaker and Strategic Business Specialist.

2017 - 2019

Rodan & Fields Consultant – Sandy put her Coaching/consulting on hold to pre-launch and subsequently build an independent R.F. business. Sandy was the first person in Australia to become an ‘RFX’…the highest rank level in R&F. (Achieved in just 9 months). Sandy passed her R&F business to her daughter, who had already been building a successful R&F business as part of her team.


Strategic Business Coach and Consultant.


Consultant to Direct Selling Association of Australia. Worked as both an Ambassador for the DSA, as well as providing support for new D.S. start-ups.


Nutrimetics – National Sales Director AUS/NZ
Sandy was invited to become part of the corporate team back at NM where her career began. This experience gave Sandra a 360-degree view of both corporate and field and the very important partnership that must occur between the two. Sandy felt that this would round off her Direct Selling education and experience.


Opened her Consultantcy and consulted to multiple Direct Selling Companies.
Speciality areas: Field force recruitment and retention, sustainable leadership development, future proofing business strategy.


Sandy sold her Nutrimetics business.

1985 - 2001

In addition to her personal business Sandy elevated 6 other team members to build Multi-million dollar businesses.


The company relocated Sandy and her family to the USA for 3 years to develop new markets in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the UK. She continued to work these markets for almost 10 years.​


Achieved Nutrimetics Presidential Director.


Achieved Senior Regional Director (highest level at that time).


Achieved first Million Dollar year.


Joined first DS Company and achieved Manager level and first Company car – fastest and youngest person ever (18 yrs).

Sandy is an inspirational, driven and engaging leader that has managed to build two amazing field businesses and cross the bridge to corporate with ease and grace. Her ability to connect on all levels and explain concepts, build plans and belief is a true testament to her ability in the direct sales channel.

Sandy McDonald has unparalleled experience in our industry – she has truly done it all. Sandy built a multi-million-dollar field business at a very young age, became a sales executive for an iconic beauty brand, consulted to field leaders and many well-known direct selling organisations - and in 2017 she built another successful field business. Her passion and belief for the direct selling industry is absolutely infectious and it helped me start my own love affair with direct selling. I first met Sandy in the very early days of my career and that moment is one that I will be forever grateful for. I have been fortunate enough to work alongside Sandy in a number of capacities and have engaged her as a keynote speaker, coach, mentor and business advisor. I have appreciated her guidance and mentorship – both on a personal and professional level. Sandy has personally coached me as I developed my career in the direct selling industry leading me to become one of the industry's youngest CEO’s. Sandy's extensive experience has provided her with an intimate understanding of our industry - from all angles. Sandy is an expert in people. She understands what makes people tick and how to put herself in the shoes of a consultant, a customer, a prospect, a company. She knows what holds people back, how to help break down barriers to develop leaders and grow strong sustainable businesses with a sponsoring culture. Sandy has been an incredible mentor, colleague and friend and is an asset to our direct selling industry.

What can I say about Sandy MacDonald, Sandy is so much more than a Strategic Business coach. She brings years of experience, passion and a love for our industry. This coupled with her fabulous personality and joy for life makes for the ultimate partnership. Sandy takes the time to understand you, your company, who you are and what you need. It is not a one size fits all. This makes Sandy so unique and a pleasure to work with. And she does all this with so much energy and fun. I cannot recommend Sandy enough! She rocks!

I had the opportunity to be coached and mentored by Sandy, both as a field sales leader in her first field business and then as a corporate leader. Her understanding and knowledge of both sides of the business adds great credibility and authenticity to her teachings on how to build a business. Sandy also brings a great understanding to the digital space of direct selling as she built her second Direct Selling business in the NOW of our digital and social media world.

I have worked with Sandy on multiple corporate projects and am in constant awe of her incredible positive influence. Sandy’s training and strategy sessions have helped to energise and engage partners to break through personal barriers and experience growth in their business. Sandy has also had an immeasurable impact on my personal journey of growth in the Direct Selling industry. Forever grateful for her mentorship!

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